Friday, May 26, 2006

BurnLounge Lets You Sell Popular Music on the Internet

Looks like a different kind of business model. They actually let you become an on-line retailer of music (including top 40 type things, not just indy) for points to buy stuff. Only problem? The files are in Windows Media Audio that's got DRM (digital rights management) on it. In other words, you can only burn a song to CD 5 times total, at less than CD quality audio. Additionally you can't copy your music files to more than one computer. Nuff said. Still, interesting concept and video. Click read more to see the video.

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BP said...

ENGLISH BOY ENGLISH!! WM Spit the problem out in a way I can follow not in geek speak. Remember some of us are techno retards dude!

Matt said...

So noted and updated. :-)

BP said...

Thanks Matt!! I got it that time. I'll check out the website, but hopefully they'll be making it better in the future. I'm not sure I'd use the site myself until they get the quality of the download higher.

Thanks again!
BP :-)