Friday, June 16, 2006

Dance Dance Resolution

DDR is cool. It's a fact. If you've never played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) then you are missing out. Basically a bunch of arrows show up on screen and you have to dance on the corresponding arrows in order to keep going and win.

When you first start you feel like an absolute fool, and then you get good, and still feel like a fool but hey at least your having fun now.

I am such a freaking geek that I asked for a metal DDR pad, much like the arcade ones, for my birthday just over a year ago. Well the order was put through on Ebay and voilla! I have been the proud owner of a badass dance pad ever since.

After watching it collect dust in the basement after moving out of my apartment, I had brought it out to play against some friends. Yeah, I got beat like a red-headed step child but it was still fun! In fact, I had forgotten just how fun it was.

So I finally got my lazy butt in gear and brought the thing out of my van (which I do NOT live in down by the river) and put it in command central, aka my office. I made a decision that this would be my new workout.

I've jogged, swam, lifted weights and seen results. The problem is, they are BORING. Not to mention that if you haven't been active in a while, even jogging can be pretty traumatic to your body. Stress fractures occur more often than people would like to believe.

Back when I thought I was going to be Johnny American and join the SEALs and take out all of Saddam's regime by myself, I downloaded a prepatory workout for those interested in such things from the Navy's website. Stop laughing. The point was that they said you shouldn't jog after two weeks when you just start out because there was a high risk of stress fractures.

In any case, DDR has a workout option on it (at least the Xbox version does) where it will actually keep track of how many calories you've burned. My first time out of the gate I burned 250 and DDR'd the equivalent of 1.5 miles. Not bad I say to thee, not bad.

So, my plan is to DDR every day, hence the "resolution". Wasn't that clever? Of course it was. I'll post results if any as they occur.


BP said...

You are a funny man! This is a good creative solution for those who aren't that into sports. Heck it's a good option if you are into sports. This blog of yours is proving to be very helpful....Now I just have to get the PS2 version and get my dancing!


:) Jenna said...

Everythying goes better with music and spasticness!

:) Jenna