Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A New Episode is On The Way

Hey All,

Just wanted to give everyone an update regarding the next Episode of Blog Talk. After much thinking and planning, here's how things are panning out.

  • Due to time constraints and the rigors of a regular social life (stop laughing) episodes will be released on a monthly basis, namely the second Monday of each month.
  • New equipment recently made available will provide a much higher quality viewing experience, no more webcam and headset. If this should change I'll let you know.
  • There is the possibility of adding a few people to the crew which can only add to the quality of production, I'll let you know as this develops.
  • I will be covering much more than technology, such as offbeat news and things of that nature, but if something cool just happens to be about a new game system or a computer hack, I'm certainly not going to back away from that.
  • The name is changing. BlogTalk was ok for the first episode, but we need to call this something more original. If anyone has any ideas, let me know (keeping in mind the above)
  • Hosting will be provided by Blip.TV from now on. The reason for this is simple. They are interested in Internet TV and they do not limit your file size which means better quality video for you to watch. For those of you who had issues watching the first episode, you need to have Flash 9 installed. It's free and provides pretty good quality for streaming. Get it here.
  • Direct downloads are up in the air until further notice. RapidShare is really a lousy way to host files plain and simple. The process is confusing, and the service is spotty. I'm not going to put people through that again. There has been one offer to host the files for download, but this has yet to be developed into a working model. As before, I'll keep you posted.
That about covers it. Episode 2 is in the planning stages and I hope to shoot it soon. Thanks for all the interest!

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BP said...

Thanks for the comment buddy. I like the "regular social" life part. Glad to hear it. Drop me a line when you get a little time in this busy social life of yours.