Friday, July 14, 2006

New Episodes and Schedule

Hey All,

Just wanted to write a quick thank-you for all of the positive feedback and constructive criticism I've received regarding Episode 1 of Blog Talk, and to let you know that I am indeed planning future episodes. There's going to be a lot of thinking that goes into just what kind of schedule the episodes will follow as far as release dates are concerned. Initially I thought every week, but it might be more feasable to do one a month at this point and keep the option open for weekly. I really would like to do weekly but coming up with interesting material is difficult when you're running a one man show, especially when you're just starting up. Also, I really could use your suggestions as to topics you'd like to see. They do not have to be tech related, but should fall somewhere within the nature of the site. For now I'll be pulling stories off of that I find interesting and covering them to the best of my abilities. Thanks again and stay tuned!

P.S.- I promise I will never say "Greetings from Command Central" with strange head bobs and quirky voice inflection ever again. :)


1 comment:

BP said...

I wasn't bothered by "Greetings from command central" It just makes you sound like a geek....that's what your shirt said so I guess that's OK with you.

I thought you did a good show and I'm looking forward to the next installment.