Monday, July 10, 2006

Welcome to the First Episode of Blog Talk with Matt Thompson!

Hey all. It's a big day here at This is the first episode of Blog Talk. Basically, I'm an electronic media student, so I said to myself "Any schmoe can put together a podcast, but what about doing a vidcast?" Hence, I got to work and started what would be Blog Talk. So without further ado, here is Episode 1 of Blog Talk with Matt Thompson. This video will be available for direct download as well as streaming as soon as I find someone to host it. Enjoy!

Links referred to in this video:

Update: I have uploaded the file via Rapidshare for those who cannot view Flash (I forgot than only Flash 7 is available for Linux users right now.) My apologies. I will try and post more formats as I can. Here is the download link.

Download Blog Talk Episode 1 in WMV

Blog Talk Episode 1


Anonymous said...

I thought that this was very informative and well put together. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I found your video interesting, but I could not view it on my Ubuntu box because Flash Player 8 isn't available. It is helpful to have information about Linux available to Linux users.

Anonymous said...

Could you please make this video available in some better format like standalone Ogg Theora or XviD. Flash is not nice and it doesn't work with 64bit software and on many other platforms.

Anonymous said...

Mac OSX is based on the Unix Darwin core, not Linux. Its a different OS, so get it right!

Matt said...

Somewhere in the world, a Mac user is bitter! For this I am truly sorry. In any case he is right, I had meant to say Unix, not Linux. My statement stands though. It is my opinion that Ubuntu 6.06 and OS X feel very similar. Dear friend, I stand corrected, so be embittered no more. :)

Anonymous said...

I like it. But I have to agree- OGG would have been better. You started off bad but it got better. You should consider producing video CD's for new users on topics like OpenOffice and other Linux software.

Graham said...


Nice work, but probably a video better suited to someone who may have a little more experience with OS's and computers. Some of the comments you made were helpfull even to me; a 6-month veteran of linux ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. I would have liked to have seen it..... but i couldn't even open it. I kept saying it was charging me 9.95.

Oh well, just wondering if you still think people on the net aren't real?
Take care.....

Anonymous said...



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