Tuesday, August 29, 2006

There's Something Funny Going On Here

From time to time I will post an article about an oddity or something of great interest that's going on in the IT community or on the web in general. For instance, the decision between eBay and Google to run text ads or Google's new development/office software for small businesses.

So it is that this next short but interesting tidbit comes to you on mattbthompson.com. Earlier this week I had decided to finally purchase a MacBook Pro from Apple, in order to meet my mobile production needs. I am a user of Linux, Windows XP, and OS X, so there's no personal preference really. The only reason I have waited on Apple was due to their price point being so outrageously high. In any case I finally decided to put the money down on the 17 inch MacBook Pro. However, just as I did this I ran across an article on Mac News that said there's a rumor that Apple may be releasing an upgraded MacBook Pro by September 16th.

Today while browsing the Apple store, I noticed that they have an offer for college students where the purchase of a Mac entitles you to a free iPod Nano. The catch? Your order must be in by September 16th!!!! This to me is almost a glaring confirmation of Apple trying to offload all of the already manufactured MacBook Pros in order to make room for the new and upgraded MacBook Pros. Can I prove it? No, it is pure speculation, but my plan of attack is going to be waiting it out until the 16th. I already have the LG Fusic which serves as my cell phone, mp3 player, organizer, etc. Losing out on the Nano won't begin to compare to the disappointment of ordering a MacBook Pro only to find out two weeks later they upgraded it. Anyway, just thought you should know.

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