Thursday, September 07, 2006

Now What is Apple Up To?

So not so long ago I told you that Apple was possibly getting ready to release a new MacBook Pro due to some rumors I had heard as well as their offer to college students ending on the 16th regarding iPods. Well, so far Apple has released a new version of the iMac and the Mac Mini, both touting new dual core processors. Word on the MacBook Pro? Nada.

Apparently there are still announcements to be made but as those who have been watching know, Steve Jobs won't be making the announcements on the 16th of Sept., but rather the 12th from California. Right now bloggers across the net are saying the announcements will include or be limited to the introduction of the iTunes Movie Store, new iTunes, new iPods, and Airport Express Video. The iPod thing makes sense as the offer for a free one with a Mac order is ending on the 16th, we'll see though. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an upgraded MacBook Pro. If not, meh, it's worth waiting to get the best hardware available as opposed to kicking yourself for not waiting and getting second-string stuff.

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