Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why Digg Why?!!!

Tonight is a hallmark night. It is the night that I feel digg has begun to suck. What used to be a technology related news site has turned into a bunch of liberal propaganda, more than I care to stomach. Within the past number of weeks there have been ad-nauseum anti-Christian, anti-government, anti-war, pro-atheist, pro-abortion etc. stories promoted to the front page that it honestly makes me sick, and not just sick, absolutely fed up to the gills.

I don't mind if people don't share my political or moral views, I don't expect them to. But what goes on at Digg is, for lack of a better term, ridiculous. Plain and simple. A bunch of would-be intellectuals patting each other on the back as they post their latest liberal rant in the comments section. And what of the other side of the argument? Well you never really get to hear it since more often than not the opposing comments are ganged up on and dugg down for not falling in line with the poster's beliefs. The worst part though, is how all this politicking is shoving out the tech aspect of Digg.

Digg's downfall came when Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose, Dan Huard et. al decided that non-technology stories should be posted on digg. Why? Other sites that had copied digg's format had already covered the other areas. Sites such as Newsvine and Reddit were already doing other news. Digg was the user driven Slashdot, and it was great! But now, it's ruined, and probably for good. Amongst accusations of gaming the system and stories making it to the front page that are out and out INCORRECT, there's less and less content of substance. I suppose that's the most disappointing part of the whole deal. I used to love Digg, now I find it a hostile place becoming less and less about technology, and more about the political wants of first year male college students.

So, it looks like I'll be downloading some kind of RSS feed reader in order to keep up with the tech news of the day, which of course will most likely be reported anywhere except, though I will check in on it from time to time to see how it's going and to post stories.

As for this page, it's going to be 100% tech from now on. If you want politics, there's more than enough out there to keep you busy.

EDIT: I had used stronger language and less description when I first posted this story but afterwards received some feedback from a friend who most likely does not share my political/moral views. He said that in essence I was shooting myself in the foot by using extremes. As I replied to him, extremes are the norm on Digg, especially in politics, and so I was responding in kind. However, I do see the wisdom of his point and have taken the high road and tried to present my ideas in a more palatable manner in order to maintain credibility. Many thanks Wupphl.


Anonymous said...

Why do so many disagree with us why?
Can't it be because we are wrong

Anonymous said...

I have posted about this topics as well ( I think that the problem lies with the extreme positions and may diggers are Techno-utopians.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more it was better when there were fewer categories. I have been on Digg pretty much since it started and it's getting hard to stomach all the crap like "Britney Spears No Panty Upskirt", "Dog Humps Cat in the Face". Nice post!!

Anonymous said...

You omit the obvious: you can still get only tech news if you want.

As for the rest, reality has a liberal bias. Deal with it.

allsux said...

for more on how much digg sucks and how it is and can be constantly abused check out this page. Not to mention the fact that its own Director of Operations doesn't abide by Digg Terms of Serivce.