Saturday, January 13, 2007

EB Games/Gamestop No Longer Accepting Wii Game Preorders?

Here's a bit of news I haven't seen anything on. After picking up a new wireless router I had some cash left over, so I decided to go to my local EB Games to see what they had. My item of choice was a Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii.

I strolled into the store and surprised the female clerk who had been crouching behind the counter. As the door alert sounded, she popped up like something had stung her, which made me chuckle a little. "Can I help you with something in particular?" she asked. "No thanks, just looking around," I replied. After all it was a Saturday, the Eagles weren't playing until later that evening, and I had no plans, so I figured I would just take my time.

Eventually I got around to asking her if they had any Classic Controllers. Zip. Nuts! I really wanted one. Oh well, let's see what they have for preorders.

"So what do you have available for the Wii on preorder?" Her next response shocked me a bit. "Oh we're not taking preorders for Wii games anymore. There's just too much of a demand for them so we're just doing a first come first served type of thing from now on."

This was the first I had heard of this. EB Games/Gamestop has always pushed preorders, it was how I got Zelda: Twilight Princess without breaking a sweat. I have to wonder if this will be a permanent thing or if it's just temporary while the demand is so high. I hope they go back to preorders at some point, it was a great way to get the latest stuff hassle-free.

If anyone else has heard anything along the lines of EB Games/Gamestop and their preorder policies, or rather a change in their preorder policies, please leave a comment and share your knowledge. I guess for now there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth on release days.

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Rebekah said...

That is a lie. I just reserved my copy of Wario Ware Smooth Moves a couple days ago. I don't know why they would do that, not taking preorders is a terrible idea. However, it is probably up to the store managers whether or not they take preorders. Better luck next time, I suppose. :-/

Matt said...

Thanks for the info Rebekah. Very intriguing that you were able to preorder just a few days ago, and yet I was unable to today. Maybe it was something that was put into practice this weekend. I did see another story about them not taking preorders for hardware, but there was no mention of games. I agree with you that not taking preorders is an extremely bad idea. There's another EB Games not too far away from the one where I was told this. Perhaps it would be worth a trip over there to see what they have to say?

Gene~WCG~ said...

yeah that was prolly a local store decision Matt...I called our local EB games store and they still take preorders..have fun with the WII and get some ben-gay for the tennis elbow lol

Matt said...

Wow, I don't know about you, but I find it suprising that EB Games/Gamestop corporate would allow individual stores to not take preorders. I don't understand what the advantage to the store is. It's a completely electronic process, doesn't take long, and keeps the mob down on launch days. I don't get it.