Sunday, January 07, 2007

A New Year Brings A New Direction

Well, it's been a wee bit since I've posted anything, I mean, an-y-thing. So in any case here's the scoop. From now on, video blogging. Yes I know I had done video blogs in the past. The reason for the discontinuation was due to production difficulty, plain and simple. It took forever just to make one post.

That was before I got my schnazy (sp?) new webcam, the Logitech Fusion. So, that makes posting videos a hell of a lot easier. So what's the hold up? That's simple too, I have strep throat. Indeed the infection I hadn't had since 3rd grade somehow found me and planned a long reunion tour around my respiratory system. How nice. Do yourself a favor and avoid humanity for the next month or so.

So, when the voice returns and the constant dry hacking (as in coughing, you crazy little techy you!) ceases, I will post the first video. I'll have YouTube do the hosting simply because of the bandwidth and reliability. I plan on doing one post a week, around 5 minutes in length each so I don't wear you out with constant jaw-flapping. In any case, I hope your holidays were terrific, good luck in the coming semester if you're going back to school, and I'll see you again here very soon!


UPDATE 1/11/07:

I'm starting to feel better, was able to sleep more than 3 hours, and am eating solid food again. I'm going to make a conservative guess and say that the first video will be posted by Monday of next week, so please check back often to see when it happens. The weekend is almost here, keep your chin up! See you soon.

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