Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Next Logical Step

Out of all of the stuff that's out there on the web regarding technology, I'd have to say that my primary interest revolves around technology and music. This is probably due to the fact that I've been a musician since I was 6 years old, and involved in technology at about 10.

I can still remember sitting at my father's brand new (at the time) Packard Bell 286 and going through a DOS tutorial program at age 11. (I miss DOS sometimes, one of the benefits that Windows 98 had over more current operating systems.)

Then I found music in a real way, where I was actually able to read music on a sheet and follow along (which the piano lessons at 6 never seemed to accomplish). From there I picked up a number of different instruments with success, finally settling on voice and guitar. This of course led me to join different bands and performance groups and I am currently the lead guitarist in a progressive metal band.

So I'm doing this blog, I'm into technology, I've worked in radio and now video, and I've just completed my Masters of Science degree where I authored my thesis on the subject of legal downloading services vs. downloading services that 'violate' the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and I've been a musician for over a decade. Add to this the fact that I have professional recording equipment and software, and it sounds to me like all signs are pointing to me starting a Podcast.

As I survey all that's available, no one seems to be tackling the subject of the recording industry and file-sharing, at least as far as what's available Podcast-wise.

I didn't want to begin a Podcast without anything to talk about, but I think I can safely say that after publishing a thesis and adding up all of my experiences, I definitely have something to say, and I hope that all of you as readers will appreciate my efforts and become loyal listeners.

I need to get a tabletop mic stand, but other than that, the equipment is taken care of. Then I need to find a place to host the podcasts (I'll need to check into iTunes, but I think that costs money, just not sure how much yet.) At this point I'm thinking one a week, just a few minutes long, starting from the beginning with the advent of the MP3 file format since there's a lot of ground to cover and it's all very important. Sponsors, donations, a name, and music are all things that have to be ironed out before the pilot episode. Hopefully I can nail all this stuff down and get the first one out soon.

So, as life turns a page, so do I and I am very optimistic about the opportunity.

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